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Workers’ Compensation in Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas

Workers’ Compensation in Sioux Falls, SD and Brookings, SD

North Central Insurance understands the value of good employees. We know that your day-to-day operations depend on their hard work, expertise, and dedication. Supplying employees with quality benefits and plans allows them to work with the assurance and peace of mind that they’re insured correctly.

However, sometimes accidents just can’t be prevented. If tragedy does strike, the right workers' compensation plan, like one from North Central Insurance, allows your business to ensure payments and cover expenses for an employee injured from a work-related accident.

Protect Your Employees. Get a Workers’ Comp Quote for Your South Dakota Business

It’s important to keep in mind that injuries can happen in any workplace, and workers’ compensation covers everything from slips and falls in the break room to car accidents to construction related industries. A workers compensation policy from North Central Insurance will cover many financial obligations, such as:

  • An injured employee’s medical expenses/treatment
  • The replacement of lost wages from injury time off

If your business does not offer workers compensation, your company may not have adequate resources to care for an employee if serious injuries occur on the job and lead to an employee suing your company for damages. This is the reason why it’s important to discuss your options with a specialist at North Central Insurance who can help you find the right workers compensation coverage for your business, and many other coverages, including business owners policies (BOP) and more.

Get the Correct Workers Compensation Classifications for Your Business

If your employees work with office equipment, you don’t want to pay the higher cost of insuring for the risk of working with heavy machinery. However, if your employees’ job exposes them to higher risk situations, you need to know that they’re adequately insured. This is our priority at North Central Insurance. We cover you correctly, and make sure your workers compensation policy is the best one for your business.

To start protecting your business today, get a quote. Or, speak with an agent to get more information on the best workers’ compensation plan for you and your employees.

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